Saint Brigid’s Cross

The Irish handwoven cross from Kildare, Ireland

Saint Brigid’s Cross is a small handmade cross handwoven from rushes in Ireland. There are different variations of Saint Brigid’s Crosses. On our online store we offer the traditional Four-arm Saint Brigid’s Cross, the historical Three-arm Saint Brigid’s Cross and a Celtic Design Saint Brigid’s Cross.


Saint Brigid’s Crosses are associated with one of the patron saints of Ireland, Saint Brigid of Kildare. Saint Brigid was born in Dundalk, Co. Louth in 451 A.D. She founded the first monastery in Kildare. Saint Brigid’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of February, which was originally a pagan festival known as Imbolc, and marks the start of Spring.

Traditionally the cross is found above entrance doors acting as a timeless object of good fortune, but today they have found new places within contemporary interiors.

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Saint Brigid's Cross


Saint Brigid’s Cross is linked to Christianity through a story involving a pagan chieftain from County Kildare in Ireland. The chieftain was dying and Brigid was sent for to speak to him about Christ. Brigid arrived and tried to talk to the chieftain but it proved to be quite difficult. She sat down at his bedside. Typically at that time the floors were covered with rushes to keep the floor warm and clean. While sitting down she began to weave some of the rushes into a cross. The chieftain questioned what Brigid was doing and she explained the cross to him. The chieftain was very curious and was converted to Christianity and baptised before his death.

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Saint Brigid's Cross

Saint Brigid’s Cross (11″)


Saint Brigid's Cross

Original Saint Brigid’s Cross